"Tucker" is a beautiful 12 year old Belgian gelding standing 16.3 hands high.
We cannot say enough good things about this boy. He is so personable and loves attention. Tucker gets along with everyone and always tries to make friends. He is turned out in a mixed heard with mares, geldings, and foals. This guy is simple to catch in the field. Tucker will stand in cross ties to be groomed and loved on. He stands patiently for the farrier and does not require stocks to trim.
Under saddle, Tucker is suited for any level rider. If you can hold the reins you can ride this boy. He has three comfortable and floaty gaits with an easy stop and back. Tucker will hack out English, western or bareback. He is not phased by tractors, semi's, motorcycles or any other moving vehicle. Tucker is a trail deluxe, he crosses everything you can imagine and then some. He is a point and go type of guy. Tucker is happy to lead, follow, or ride in the middle of a group and doesn't mind being left behind by the other riders.
Under harness, Tucker is just as quiet. He stands to be harnessed and backs into shafts, he will stand all day until you ask him to move up. He will stop and wait at stop signs and lights.
In a team, Tucker will work on either side without hesitation. He is just as quiet working next to rowdy youngsters and will follow each and every cue you ask of him.

Priced at $4,500