*SOLD* "Tod"

Tod - 8yr old 15.2hh Suffolk PunchX Dutch Harness Gelding, jumps 3'6 currently with auto lead changes and tons of room to improve, Tod has jumped up to 4' with room. He has a big and floaty jump with no refusals. Tod drives single and double and is traffic safe, no tractor trailer is big enough to spook him. He has absolutely phenomenal ground manners. Tod does have go and requires an advanced beginner and up. He is very responsive and very touchy to vocal and leg cues. He has beautiful knee action, lovely to ride, w/t/c/stop/stands/backs. Tod Crosses and goes through anything you ask him too, streams, lakes, bridges, ditches, rocks, etc. He is trail safe as well and crosses everything. Tod loves trailering off the farm. He does not get distracted from other horses neighing at him while he's working, he knows his job and puts all his attention and focus on his rider/driver. He draws attention everywhere he goes with his high head and stunning movement. He is barefoot and does not require shoes, however when we were using him on the road daily driving he was shod all the way around. Stand in cross ties, Stands to be tacked. Takes a bit with no problem. Tod has a lovely brain and willing to do anything asked of him. He is not buddy nor barn sour, he goes out alone with no problem.

Tod has done paper many chases and absolutely loved them. His movement is exceptional! He would be an amazing eventer! He never fails to impress me. Tod will make someone a lovely show mount. He leads, loads, and ties perfect. He rides in or out of the ring. On trails he will lead or follow, if another horse is nervous about going through water, rocks, woods, he will be the first to walk ahead and lead them through it. Tod stands for the vet and carrier with no issues. He rides in a snaffle bit. Tod would be amazing for speed events too. He turns on a dime when asked, he has stand to canter and walk to canter transitions. Tod is exposed to dogs, all farm machinery, cattle, ponies, tractors, children, and more. He is good with mares and geldings. He is the bottom of the totem pole in the field. He does not boss around any of my other horses nor has he ever, he is great with the minis as well. He has no kick, bite, buck, rear, or bolt in him. He will take someone far.

Priced at $10,000