“Lexus II”

"Boots" is a 14 year old imported, registered & branded Hanoverian gelding standing 17.1 hands high. This is one talented and athletic gelding! He has loads of experience both on and off property. He has the brain of a seasoned pro, with nothing but a promising future ahead of him with his new owner. With his brains, athleticism, and personality this is one that you won't want to miss out on!

In the barn, Boots is kind. He loves attention and has an in your pocket personality. He is easygoing, gentle, and quiet and always the first to greet you at the gate. He stands to be groomed, tacked, clipped and braided. He is happy living in or out and will happily go out with mares or other geldings, he is not the boss in the field and isn't buddy sour.

In the ring, Boots is always ready to work. He enjoys his job, and does it well. This gelding's willingness to learn and please is second to none. He will do whatever is asked of him! Boots will extend and collect. He can take a joke and is extremely honest in every way. This is a horse that wants to work and please his rider. Boots knows to put his best foot forward. He is brave over fences and aims to please. He doesn't get worked up in the commotion of competition and looks to his person for the next command. He stands patiently waiting to go in the ring and will stand tied all day long. He has experience in the ring, hunter paces, paper chases, has 2nd level dressage training But will need a tuneup. And will hunt 1st 2nd and 3rd flight day in day out. He has a big jump and was schooling 3'3 courses but has been off for a few weeks due to no fault of his own, he has all of the potential to go higher, he goes smoothly over anything you put in front of him without hesitation, he is brave and confident.

On the trails, Boots is relaxed and happy; take him swimming, through the woods, or anything in between. He will cross all obstacles such as logs, ditches, streams, rocks, roots and more! Boots will lead or follow happily and quietly. Take him out for a relaxing evening ride bareback, or throw on a western saddle and head off into the mountains. Either way you'll sure have a great time on this big guy!

Overall, this is one talented and promising horse. He has the world at his feet and is ready to succeed in whatever discipline you chose! Boots never disappoints. He has a great brain and the attitude of a champion. If you are looking for a horse that will help you chase your dreams, win you blue ribbons, and have fun doing it, this is the horse for you.

Boots is sound and has no vices. He ties, bathes, clips, and is great for the vet and farrier. Will pass any vet checkX-rays you decide to have done. Don't miss out on this big gelding.

Priced at $10,000