SOLD “Buck”

Buck" is a 9 year old Belgian/Standardbred cross gelding standing 16.3 hands high.
Buck is very personable and enjoys attention. He will stand all day to be groomed and pampered. He is gentle and careful with younger children. This gentle guy will happily stand tied to a post or in cross ties. Buck loves his kiddos. He doesn't move a step while children are around him. Walk under him, run around him, grab his legs, he doesn't care.
Under Saddle, Buck is light and easy on his feet. He has three big uphill and flowing gaits with a great stop. I can't begin to explain how comfortable this guy is. Buck will go at your pace and not a step faster. He is confident and honest in new and unfamiliar places and handles all situations with lots of sense.
This big guy is always ready to work.
He crosses mud, ditches, bridges, logs, and more.
He is happy to hack out around the farm or off the property. He will leave another horse and go off by himself with no hesitation.
Under Harness, Buck is equally as simple. He will drive you anywhere you want to go without taking a wrong step. He makes sure you get from point A to point B safely. Buck is simple and easy to drive. He does best going single. He doesn't enjoy working in teams.
This big guy is confident and reliable both under harness and under saddle. He does fine with time off, when you are ready to go out for a ride or drive, so is he. He goes out on windy days and doesn't bat an eye. Again, he is confident and honest.
Buck is currently shod and has Borium shoes all of the way around. He stands like a dream for the farrier! He does not require stocks.