Buck- is a beautiful bay 15 year old ClydesdaleXPercheron gelding standing at 17.1 hands high. Buck will make a great addition to absolutely any family. He is a very well behaved and sweet boy with a gentle and curious personality. He loves people. Buck is very intelligent, and he will happily do whatever he is asked. In the ring, he has a very comfortable and relaxed walk, trot, canter. We have introduced him to logs on trails and he improves every time. He listens to his rider and will stop and stand when he hears, "Whoa" and "Get Up". Off the farm, he can be trailered to any place, tacked up, and hacked out. He will cross rivers, logs, ditches, hills, and more. He trail rides alone or with others. Under harness, Buck is equally as simple. He will drive single, in pairs, or in teams. He is farm broke and safe with the loud machinery. This horse has a lot to offer. He is kind and forgiving enough for dead beginners. Buck has tolerated our desensitizing training without any problems. He is very brave. We have exposed him to almost everything and he never fails to impressed us. He is sound with no vices. He loads, clips, ties, bathes, and stands for the farrier. Buck has been used for pleasure riding around and off of the farm. He is very kind and willing to please. He is easy to harness, tack, mount, and hook! Buck is the closest to bombproof as you'll come. I'm trying to find him a laid back home, he has been a great work horse over the years and riding horse for all of us as well, he is now ready to retire from working fields and ready to be a riding horse for someone or a program.

priced at $2,800