Sale Pending "Thunder"

"Thunder" is a stunning 4 year Friesian/Morgan stallion standing 16.0 hands high.
Thunder is full of personality and potential. This beautiful boy loves to be the center of attention, he loves being groomed and pampered, he is a big puppy.
Thunder has lots of knee action with big floaty movement. Thunder can be registered with the Friesian Sport Horse Association. This beautiful boy parks out and squares up on command.
In the barn, Thunder is a joy to be around. He is gentle and knows what your space is. He stands to be groomed and bathed, stands to be tacked or harnessed and he stands for the farrier. Thunder knows what a fence is and respects them. He is the first to meet you at the fence for attention, this boy is easy to handle and all around enjoyable to be around.
Under saddle, Thunder is a dream. He has three beautiful uphill and balanced gaits followed by an easy stop and back. Thunder is happy to ride on a loose rein or will ride with contact. This boy responds well to your leg and seat, he has a nice soft mouth and currently rides in a snaffle. Thunder will hack out English or western. He is happy to stay around the farm or head out for a nice trail. Thunder is happy to lead or follow, he crosses bridges, ditches, water, mud, hills, rocks, you name it. Thunder can go in any direction but we could see him being an awesome dressage mount or eventer. Thunder is green under saddle therefore he is best suited for an experienced rider.
Under harness, Thunder is just as quiet and simple. He has more driving experience than riding experience. Thunder stands to be harnessed, he will happily back into shafts and walks up when asked, he has stunning movement and turns heads anywhere he goes. Thunder will wait patiently at stop lights and signs until his turn to go. This boy is not bothered by semis, motorcycles, bicycles, or joggers.

Priced at $12,500