"Rocky" is a 6 year old Hackney gelding standing 14.0 hands high. This little guy has endless athleticism and willingness. Rocky is sporty and careful, but sane and simple.

Under saddle, Rocky is a show stopper. He is fancy and a naturally elegant mover. He has three smooth and uphill gaits with simple transitions. Rocky is light on the mouth and has an easy stop.

Off property, Rocky is up for anything. He is mindful of rough terrain out in the woods. Rocky will cross logs, rocks, roads, water and more. He is easy going and safe to travel down the road, he isn't bothered by semis, trucks, horns, or motorcycles.

In the barn, Rocky is a farm favorite! Rocky is friendly and stands to be tacked and groomed. Rocky has a mellow personality. He will stand all day to be loved on and braided. He doesn't mind if there's any commotion going on around him.

In the pasture, Rocky is turned out with mares and other geldings.

Under harness, Rocky is green broke single and double.

We are offering a very well rounded young gelding here who is ready for show or pleasure in any discipline. He is sound and healthy. He loads, clips, ties, bathes, and stands for the farrier.

 Located in Mechanicsville, MD 

 Priced at $4,000 

🎥Video link : https://youtu.be/jo8Z-ovtiWY