"Prince" is a beautiful 6 year old grade Morgan gelding standing 15.0 hands high. Prince is smart, willing, wants to please, and wants a job. Prince is about as sweet as they come. He loves to be groomed, pampered and loved on.
In the barn, Prince is the first to greet you at the gate in the mornings to say hello. Prince has a
Incredible ground manners, he stands quietly in cross ties, he stands like a dream to be clipped and he stands for both the vet and farrier. He also quite enjoys being bathed. Prince is turned out in a mixed heard and gets along with everyone, he is at the very bottom of the totem pole. He doesn't mind being stalled or being turned out 24/7.

Under Saddle, Prince is a gentleman. He has three very comfortable and uphill gaits with an easy stop and back. Prince is happy to go out or stay around the farm. This lovely boy is not spooky in the least bit, he has been and continues to be very well exposed both on and off of the property.
Prince enjoys having a job. He has a heart for jumping and he is a natural at it. He has always been honest and straightforward over fences since day one. Prince comes back together beautifully after a jump and prepares himself nicely for the next fence ahead.
Off of the farm, Prince is equally as safe and honest. He enjoys a nice trail ride and can go all day. Prince will cross mud, water, ditches, bridges, hills, he will ride alongside the road with no reaction towards horns, trucks, semis, motorcycles, tractors, bicyclists, or joggers. Prince has wonderful feet and does not require shoes.
Prince is best suited for an intermediate rider.
Under Harness, Prince is simple and easy. He is great in traffic and always happy to stop and stand for lights and stop signs. He backs into shafts and moves up when asked. 

Priced at $6,500