"Polly" is an 8 year old Belgian/ Brabant cross mare standing 16.1 hands high. This mare is experienced, careful, and smart. She has smooth gaits, great transitions, this mare is a dream off of the property and enjoys working.
Under saddle, Polly has three relaxed and comfortable gaits. She is patient, easy going, and very forgiving. We have shot a gun off of her with no reaction, ridden her down busy highways, and sketchy trails, she always goes along with confidence. Polly has a great work ethic, and enjoys what she does. I do recommend an experienced beginner for her as she does have prance to her sometimes.
Off property, Polly is a dream. This pretty gal loves seeing new things and enjoys going places. She is brave and confident. Polly will lead or follow in a group. She is a barn favorite both on the ground and under saddle. Polly is easy to load, stands tied, and loads with no issue.
In the barn, Polly is not marish and can be turned out with a mixed heard. She stands in crossties, stands to be tacked, groomed and clipped. Polly loves attention and being the center of attention.
Under harness, Polly drives single, double, and four abreast. While she is more experienced double and four abreast she does well single. She is completely traffic safe and easy going.
Polly is an exceptional mare that can go in any direction. 

Priced at $3,600