"Pippy" is a 12 year old Thoroughbred mare standing 15.3 hands high. Pippy is exceptional. It isn't everyday that you come across a horse like her. Pippy is very personable and loves attention. She is wonderful with children and enjoys their company and attention. She will stand in a stall without making a peep or will gladly go out 24/7. Pippy will stand all day in cross ties, she stands to be groomed, bathed, clipped, and to have her mane pulled. Pippy is a very easy keeper and does not require any special supplements.
Under saddle, Pippy is a blast and she is the perfect size for nearly any rider! She has three simple and well balanced gaits with a lovely stop. Pippy has been exposed to a little bit of everything! She was previously used for polo but has since been mainly a trail mount. This beautiful girl has lovely auto changes and fantastic movement. She responds wonderfully to leg and seat cues along with a lovely one hand stop.
On the trail, Pippy is a reliable and honest trail mount, she will cross anything you could think of and ride on any type of terrain. Streams, rocks, bridges, mud, hills and more she will cross it. Pippy does not shy away from traffic or quick and sudden movements. Pippy will happily take the lead or follow in a group or she is always happy to go out alone. This girl will hack out English or western and has a lovely one hand neck rein. Pippy has been trailered off of the farm to large parks and is always on her best behavior in every situation. If you need to get off while on a trail she will stand next to anything and wait forever you to get back on. Pippy is best suited for a confident beginner and up. Pippy has really great feet and does not require shoes.

Priced at $4,500