"Peaches" is a 14 year old belgian mare standing 16.0 hands high. Peaches is the toal package and aa real life
unicorn! She is sweet as pie , adores being pampered and loves children and pets!
In the barn, Peaches will stand all day to be groomed and pampered. She stands in cross ties, stands to be tacked
and mounted, Peaches stands for the farrier and dentist. Peache is turnd out with a mixed heard and getss along
with both mares and geldings, she is also quite fond of the weanlings she's also pastured with. She wants to make
friends everywhere she goes. Peaches also gets along with mini's, cattle, sheep, goats and more. She is happy
being turned out 24/7 or stalled. anyone can handle her on the ground. She also loads and travels like a dream.
Under saddle, Peaches is equally as gentle and quiet. She is suited for absolutely any level rider, if you can hold
the reins you can ride this girl. Peaches is the perfect size for nearly anyone, she is small enough not to intimidate nervous riders yet has enough bone to take up leg on a taller rider. She is happy to hack on or off of the property. She has three beautiful and
easy to sit gaits followed by an easy stop and back. Peaches will stand for as long as you ask her to. She
certainly has more woah than go but isn't a dead head, she is always happy to work. She is a wonderful babysitter
and takes care fo her rider. She does not take advantage of a nervous or unbalanced rider.
Off of the property, Peaches will cross anything you can imagine. Bridges, water, mud, rocks, roots, roads,
logs and so much more. She is not spooky anywhere she goes. She is happy to hack out alone or in a group,
in a group Peaches will glady lead and show the others how it's done or she will gladly ride in the middle or back
of a group. Peaches does not mind another horse riding closley behind her or even thouching her rump, she will
not kick or throw aa fit about it. Peaches is not bothered by rabbits, deer, or birds she may come across on
the trails. She does not throw a fit if she is being left behind by the group, she will go at your pace. On her
own, she is just as confident.
Under harness, Peaches will gladly go single or in teams. She is simple to harness and backs into shafts with
ease. She will gladly take you for a nice stroll around the property or head off of the farm. semi's, trucks,
motorcycles, horns etc do not bother this girl.
In a team, Peaches will happily teach the youngsters how to behave. She does not get upset if they try to bolt
or act our in any way, shape, or form. This beautidful girl will make a lovely addition to nearly any family.
Peaches is currently shod but is just as sound barefoot. She has absolutely no vices, health or soundness issues.

 Priced at $4,500