"Kay" is a 2 year old grade mini mare standing 9.2 hands high. Kay is the most personable, gentle, and kind pony you'll come across. She is the first to greet you in the field. She stands happily to be groomed and clipped.
Under harness, Kay is safe and reliable. She is easy to harness and backs right into shafts. She is happy to take you for a nice drive around the farm or happy to head down the road. She will hold a consistent trot and comes back down to a walk easily. Kay is happy to stand for as long as you'd like her to and waits patiently until you ask her to move up.
Off of the property, Kay is equally as quiet and simple. No truck is large enough to spook this girl. She will wait at stop signs and lights until it's her turn to go.
Under Saddle, Kay has a correct start. She does wonderful leading children around on her, she waits until they are situated and ready to go before she take a step. She has never offered to buck, bolt, or rear. Kay stands to be tacked and mounted. She would make a wonderful little 4-H pony for a child. She is what every child's parent dreams of owning.

Priced at $2,400