"Jill" is a 4 year old Haflinger mare standing 14.2 hands high. Jill is the sweetest most perfect little pony for nearly anyone! She is as sweet as pie. Jill doesn't have a naughty bone in her body.
In the barn, Jill enjoys being pampered. She will stand all day to be groomed and loved on. Jill stands in cross ties, stands to be bathed, tacked and stands like a dream for the farrier. She is not bossy turned out in a mixed heard. Jill will happily stay out 24/7 or stay in a stall.
Under saddle, Jill is an absolute doll baby. She has a very comfortable sitting trot and a lovely floaty canter with smooth and easy transitions. Jill is a trail deluxe, she will gladly lead, follow or ride in the middle of a group. She will cross water, bridges, rocks, mud, and more without hesitation. Jill will hack out English, western, or bareback. She is not bothered by traffic if you need to cross a road on your ride. Jill is best suited for an experienced beginner.
Under harness, Jill is just as simple. She is broke to all farm machinery and knows her job. Jill will stand all day if you ask her to or work all day and will not have anything to say about it.
Jill is bonded with her brother, they are a matching team. Her brother is 5. We will let them go single or as a team.