"Jack" is a 12 year old Percheron gelding standing 18.2 hands high. Jack is what everyone wants for their family. Cute, gentle, big, confident builder with a puppydog personality. Jack is a wonderful partner and friend. This gelding is safe!
Under saddle, Jack never disappoints. He will gladly hack out alone or in a group and will happily lead or follow. He will take you across anything you ask without hesitation. Jack will hack out both english and western. If you want a horse that you can hop on bareback in a halter and go out he's the one for you! He has no spook or bad habits.
Under harness, Jack is just as simple and quiet. He stands to be harnessed and backs right into shafts, he will happily cart you anywhere you ask him to with zero fuss.
In the barn, Jack stands in cross ties, stands to be groomed, clipped, and tacked, he stands for the vet and farrier as well. Jack will happily live in or out and is turned out with a mixed heard.

Priced at $5,000