🍁Xenia🍁- is a 2006 model, standing 14.3 hands high, she is draft cross which gives her incredible color and markings, two blue eyes, the stockiness to carry about any rider and she takes up leg on taller riders, Xenia is stout enough for anyone yet her height is perfect enough for everyone to mount easily. Xenia is one of my favorites by far. This girl has so much more to offer than just incredible looks. This mare is full of personality, ability, athleticism, talent, and brains. Xenia is very sweet and an in-your-pocket mare. She is very comfortable to ride and fun to work. Under saddle, she will walk, trot, canter with both leads. Xenia rides English and western and neck reins as well. She is willing and honest. Xenia is fancy and very balanced with a wonderful and smooth trot and canter and moves completely off of your leg.

Off the farm, she is a confident and honest trail mount. She is not spooky or afraid of much. She crosses rocks, rivers, roots, logs, streams, ditches and more. Xenia can be ridden by anyone and is child safe, she isn't hot yet she isn't lazy, she moves off when you ask her to and stops when you ask, you can hop on bareback and go for a ride in a neck rope or halter and lead and be safe on her. She stands for the farrier, stands in cross ties, to be bathed and groomed, she also stands for tacking and mounting. Xenia is solid over 2'0 courses with tons of scope and room to improve. She has been with cattle, other horses, goats, around hogs, chickens and more. She is not the top of the pecking order and gets along with everybody. Xenia is not "mareish" and never has an attitude, she is always incredibly happy and willing to do what she is asked. She has been fox hunting a few times as I was told and was said to have done awesome, which doesn't surprise me with this mare. Xenia is perfect for a child to start showing on, she will teach them everything, including confidence. Xenia is a very patient horse and tolerated everything you do. Xenia was broke to drive single and double when she was younger but hasn't been hooked in years. She has placed in the W/T/C equitation division, short stirrup, and 2'0 hunters. This mare is a horse you can put your child on and know your he or she is safe. She is the full package, don't miss out on her.

 Priced at - $ 2,800