Dozer is an absolutely stunning 10 year old Belgian gelding standing 16.3 hands high. Dozer is one in a million. He is as gentle as they come and has impeccable ground manners. Dozer has very a unique color and stands out everywhere he goes. 

In the barn, Dozer is a gentleman. He stands in cross ties to be groomed and tacked. He stands to have his mane pulled and bridle path clipped. Dozer is happy to be in a stall or put 24/7. Dozer gets along with everyone and tries to make friends everywhere he goes. He is the low man on the totem pole in the heard with mares, geldings and foals.

Under saddle, Dozer is small enough not to be very intimidating to a more nervous rider yet has enough bone to take up all of the leg on a taller rider. Dozer is suited for any level rider. If you can hold the reins you can ride this flashy guy. He has three very smooth and relaxed gaits followed by an easy stop and back. Dozer is simple and easy to ride, he is very forgiving of rider error and has the patience of an absolute saint.
Off of the farm, Doze is equally as simple and straightforward. He is happy to go in any direction you point him without hesitation. He crosses anything and everything you could imagine, rocks, logs, roots, water, bridges, ditches and more. Dozer is not bothered by semi's, motorcycles, horns, or any other vehicles that might be on the road. Dozer will hack out both English and western, he will ride out with a group or alone. In a group, Dozer will lead, follow, or ride in the middle. He does not get upset if a horse is on his tail or touching him. Dozer doesn't mind being left behind in a group, he will go at your pace.
Under harness, Dozer is just as quiet. He drives both single and in teams. He is simple and easy to harness and will back into shafts and stand until you are ready for him to walk on. This big boy has no problems standing all day if that's what you ask of him. Dozer will work on either side in a team, he is quiet enough to hook a youngster next to for training, Dozer will follow your every command. 

Priced at $13,500