"Dixie" is a 13 year old Percheron/Thoroughbred mare standing 16.2 hands high. If you are searching for quiet, safe, and reliable, this is your girl. Dixie is the ideal size for nearly anyone, she is small enough to not intimidate a smaller rider yet large enough to take up leg on a taller rider.

Under saddle, Dixie is safe, sound, sane, and reliable. She has three comfortable gaits, she has a lovely sitting trot and a canter like you're sitting on a cloud. Dixie is safe for nearly any level rider. She has a wonderful stop and responds to the word "woah". She is great with kids and knows when their is a child on her back. She never takes advantage of a nervous or young rider. We started small courses last year but we have not been consistent with her and jumping. She was always very relaxed and honest over jumps. 

On the trail, it doesn't get much better than this mare. We have ridden her through just about everything you can think of. She will cross water, mud, logs, go through bushes, and so much more. She is traffic safe and will happily take you safely down the road. Dixie will gladly go out alone or in a group and is happy to lead or follow. She is never in a rush to keep up with the other horses and will happily go at your pace. She is not spooky, she is brave in all situations. 

Under harness, Dixie is reliable and brave. She will cart you down the road or around the farm. She is not fazed by motorcycles, semis, bicycles, or joggers. She will stand where you ask her to and wait for her next command for hours if you ask her to. She is happy to stop at red lights and stop signs. Dixie is broke single and in teams, she will go on either side and work with any horse you put her next to. 

In the barn, Dixie does not have a mare attitude. She will stand in cross ties, stands for the farrier, stands to be groomed, bathed, tacked and mounted. She is turned out in a mixed heard and get's along with the both mares and geldings. She is good with mini's, cattle, dogs, and more. 

Priced at 5,000