"Cam" Is a 12 year old Percheron gelding standing 15.3 hands high. Cam is talented, athletic, and kind. Cam is built sturdy enough for a bigger rider, yet stands small enough for a junior or petite rider to feel comfortable on. Cam has a serious work ethic. He likes knowing when he is doing well, and will never complain when given a job. This is a safe and forward thinking gelding who enjoys having a job whether it be in the ring or out and about. Cam has miles and miles or trail experience. 

In the ring, Cam has three smooth gaits and easy transitions. He is not a spooky horse. He is great for beginners as he has the brains and patience to be a great teacher. Cam has an easy stop when asked and moves up with ease. He is an uphill mover, making his rider feel secure in the saddle at all times. Over fences, Cam is simple and straightforward. We have popped him over small rails and logs. 

He is a great partner and gets along well over any terrain with any group of horses. He will cross all obstacles: Water, logs, mud, ditches and roads with ease. He ties like a gentleman and will easily load into any trailer. This is the safest thing on four legs! 

Under Harness, Cam is equally as simple. He is a hard worker. He will cross any road, pothole, or bridge asked of him. He is safe in traffic and on the farm. He has a big work ethic and will take you where you need to go, he aims to please. This guy will drive you around single or double!

Priced at $3,500