"Cadence" is an 11 year old Dutch Harness mare standing 16.2 hands high. Cadence is fancy and decorated with all of the right markings. You will not go unnoticed on this big flashy girl. She has "WOW" written all over her and she is suited for nearly any level rider. Cadence has three uphill and balanced gaits with beautiful changes and a lovely canter. She is simple and easy to keep in frame or willing to ride on the buckle. Cadence is a wonderful jumper and a predictable trail mount. She is brave in all situations. Cadence will cross water, rocks, bridges, mud, ditches and more. She will happily hack out English or western and has tons of trail miles under her belt. Cadence is always ready to work and will happily get into work or take it easy. She will lead, follow, or ride in the middle of a group with zero fuss. She is both safe and fun to ride. Cadence has dabbed in different disciplines and has always been a rockstar.
Under Harness, Cadence is equally as simple and willing. She will happily take you for a nice and safe drive through town or around the farm. Traffic, motorcycles, horns, semi's do not faze this lovely girl. She is brave and reliable. She stands to be harnessed and backs into shafts with ease.
In the barn, Cadence is sweet as pie! She has a soft and kind eye and loves attention. She stands to be clipped, braided, and bathed. Cadence stands beautifully for the farrier. She is currently barefoot and does not require shoes. Cadence prefers to live out. She gets along well with others and is turned out in a mixed heard of mares and geldings. She is around Hogs, cattle, chickens, ducks, mini's, donkeys, and more on a daily basis.