"Betty" is a 13 year old Suffolk/Dutch harness mare standing 15.3 hands high. She comes with all of the personality and looks one could ever dream of having. She is honest, tolerant, and safe.

Under saddle, Betty is the horse for anyone! She has lots of chrome to get you noticed everywhere you go. Betty is a very talented mare with a wonderful work ethic. She has schooled a cross country course in the past and did wonderful. She will go over anything you ask her to without hesitation. Betty has the brains and temperament to go in any direction you'd like. She loves going on trail rides, She is more than happy to go out alone or in a group and will lead or follow. Betty crosses water, bridges, mud, rocks, trees and more. She is a reliable mount no matter where you go. She is tons of fun for riders with more experience yet safe enough for a more timid rider. Betty has been exposed to many different things and always puts her best foot forward. There is nothing you cannot do with this mare.

Under harness, Betty is quiet and fun to drive, she will cart you through town, in traffic, or on the farm. Betty is not fazed by tractor trailers, motor cycles, or horns. She is simple to harness and backs into the cart with ease. She is broke to all farm machinery and goes double, four, and six abreast as well. She has been one of our "go-to" horses to start the youngsters, she always sets great examples and is very patient and tolerable with them, she does not react if they decide to have a temper tantrum.
In the barn, Betty will happily stand in cross ties, stands to be groomed, clipped, bathed, tacked, and mounted. She is turned out with a mixed heard and get's along with everyone. Betty does not require shoes, she has strong and sturdy feet.

Priced at $4,500