"Bella" is a beautiful 5 year old grade palomino Quarter Horse mare standing 14.3 hands high. Bella is as sweet as they come. She absolutely adores attention and wants to please, always! She loves kids and is always good with them and the pets around the farm. Bella isn't spooky on the ground and has had been exposed to kids running around her, under her, behind her and tolerates them climbing on her. Bella stands in cross ties and is great for the farrier. Bella has been exposed to hogs, cattle, sheep, goats, and more! This lovely youngster is happy to be in a stall or out. She is turned out with a mixed heard and isn't bossy.
Under saddle, We cannot say enough good things about this young little mare. To start, she will ride both English and western and can go in absolutely any direction you'd like her to. Bella has been well exposed, she isn't spooky and handles scary situations well. Bella has three beautiful and comfortable gaits followed by an easy stop. Bella is willing to learn and catches on to new things quickly and retains what she learns. Bella does not have any arena experience. She only has trail experience. But we believe that Bella will take to a ring with no problem and make a super cute little show horse one day!
On the trail, this girl has many, many trail miles under her belt. Bella is reliable, fun, and safe. She crosses water, mud, ditches, bridges, rocks, logs, low branches and more! Bella is not bothered by rabbits, deer, birds, or anything else on the trail. Bella will travel off of the farm to a new place and you'd never know she hasn't been ridden there her entire life.
Bella has traveled up and down steep and slippery slopes and is always sure of where she places her feet. Bella is happy to hack out alone or in a group, when riding in a group she will happily take the lead and show the older horses how it's done or will fall behind. She doesn't get upset if another horse is riding closely behind her or if she is left behind by the group. It isn't too often we come across a youngster as nice as this girl is. She knows her job and enjoys it. 

Priced at $3,500