"Apache" is a 9 year old Gypsy vanner x Quarter horse gelding standing 14.2 hands high. Apache is as sweet as pie. He absolutely adores attention and loves the kiddos! This beautiful boy has exceptional ground manners and is just a joy to be around. He has all of the right markings with one crystal blue eye and the other partially blue.
In the barn, Apache is the perfect gentleman. He will happily stand in cross ties for as long as you keep him there. He picks up all of his feet to be cleaned and stands like a dream for the farrier. This boy is currently barefoot all of the way around and does not require shoes. Apache is safe around the kids who run around the barn yelling and having fun. Apache is happy to be in a stall or outside 24/7. He is as quiet as a mouse while in a stall.
Under saddle, Apache is the golden child, he stands to be tacked and takes a bit with ease. He will stand and wait patiently for you to mount. Apache has three floaty gaits followed by an easy stop. This boy has a nice soft mouth and rides beautifully in a snaffle. He is happy to hack out English or western. Apache moves off of leg nicely without being overly sensitive, he is very forgiving of rider error and can take a joke. He does not take advantage of a nervous rider or a rider who may come off balance once in a while. Apache has more "woah" than "go" but is not a deadhead. He is safe enough for a rider who can get nervous yet plenty of fun for a more experienced rider.
On the trails, Apache is just as quiet and simple. He will happily lead, follow or ride in the middle of a group. He does not get upset if another horse is riding closely behind him. Apache will cross anything you could think of. Rocks, water, logs, mud, steep hills, ditches, bridges and more. This beautiful boy is also traffic safe! There is not a semi large enough or loud enough to spook this boy. Apache is what every parent dreams of finding for their child. He is the same horse both on and off of the farm and can go a while without being backed, hop back on and he is the same horse you last rode without any warmup. Apache goes to new places and acts like he's been to that place over and over again.
He trailers beautifully, Apache will load right on any trailer and has very minimal movement the entire ride.
In the field, Apache is the low man on the totem pole. He is turned out in a large heard with both mares and geldings. He also does great with the annoying youngsters.

 Priced at $6,000